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League Specific Rules Last Update: 4/20/2007

...Please make sure when you register for a tourney you check the ENTRY amount and the specific RULES for the game you register for. The TD is not requiered to run spam in the lobby but is nice for them to do so it is your responsibility to make sure what the rules are before the game starts..........

...Please try and not be in more than one tourney at once but there are times it cannot be helped...players please be curtious to ones who maybe slow beacuse of timers and such as when having to play 2 tables.

...The td is to run game specific rules at your table so plez invite them before the game begins..............In the event there is a dispute one player from each team needs to verify what has gone on and NOT IN THE LOBBY!........If the td hasn't been invited to your game table they may click watch and stay on the table.........

...Any time there is a big lag in connection for a player, please make the table private otherwise leave it protected so you have control over who sits. Player A of the highest seed number  (lower of the 2 numbers) between the teams who are matched shall make the table. In the event player a hasn't in 10 seconds player B of that team should make the table...........after 15 seconds anyone team memeber may make the table and sit this will help get the games going and on time.

...Please note the TD's decision is final and will be back by admin memebers. In Camelot2007 if no sub is available the td may sit and finish the game or to close a table. TD's do need to spam for a sub if no sub is avaiable in the lobby. Make sure you are in the lobby at the time required to play the match.


...Lobby garbage will not be tolerated such as bashing the TD or any players. Problems needing to be delt with the player/players need to invite the TD to a table for discussion. The TD will have the capability to sceen cap the lobby and send it to ADMIN and also have another TD present if they wish.......brash action of the individual/individuals will be discussed and possible booting from the league.

The only persons to be able to use caps in the lobby are the Td's.

...This is a family league and we wish to make it a clean and happy place please enojoy your games!  

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